Roof Tiling

There are many different choices when it comes to roof tiles. Do you want concrete or clay? Do you want small format or large format? What planning restrictions are in force in your area? Are you considering the environmental benefits or are you looking for specific finish or texture.


Tiling is more than just laying tiles; it’s about bringing the design to life. If your roof is poorly finished, then your building suffers, regardless of how much effort you have put into its design. The roof is an essential element of the design and you need a roofing contractor that cares about the finish. Speak to us and allow us to demonstrate how we can ensure your roof is safe in our hands.


We work with every major manufacturer to ensure the best material is used for your chosen roofing challenge.

There are many different types of tile; the most common are listed below:



Plain Tiles with Decorative Ridge Windlesham Interlocking Tiles

Interlocking single lap tiles quite often provide the most economic choice when deciding what to put on a pitched roof but even then there is a wide variety of tiles, prices and manufacturers to choose from. They are available in all materials and have many different profiles i.e. double roman, flat format etc.


Plain Tiles

Plain tiles provide an alternative covering for roofs over 30 degree pitch and come in clay and concrete, each with a range of colours. For a rich textured roof and greater design detail capability then plain tiles still leads the way.


Dry Fix Solutions


Traditional roofing practice involves the use of cement mortar for the bedding of ridges, hips, valleys and verges. New technologies however are now widely available which eliminate the need for mortar fixing. Dry fix systems benefit the client as they are maintenance free, durable and now provide a cost effective alternative.

Tradecall Roofing can offer an appropriate dry fix installation for all applications irrespective of the tile chosen for your project.



The importance of correctly specifying the ventilation requirements is crucial to the performance of the roofing installation and is an aspect of the design that is often overlooked or misinterpreted. Issues arising from incorrect ventilation include condensation and damp. At Tradecall Roofing all specifications are checked to enable us to advise our client regarding compliance with the relevant regulations and manufacturers recommendations.















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